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Donper America is a globally recognized manufacturer in the foodservice industry and is a privately held company headquartered in Orlando, FL. Donper America designs, manufactures and assembles foodservice equipment in the USA and has exclusive rights to use the Donper brand name globally. 
Founded in 1966, Donper is an internationally recognized supplier of refrigeration compressors and components to mainstream brands such as GE, Electrolux, Whirlpool, LG, Samsung, and Maytag. Donper America has a strategic alliance with Donper to leverage technologies, capabilities and facilities worldwide to accomplish Donper America’s goals.
Donper America and its team members strive to design and manufacture products that exceed customer expectations and produce unrivaled levels of customer satisfaction.
Company Overview
In the mid 2000s, Donper America’s team of foodservice professionals, designers, and engineers took a look at the expanding frozen yogurt industry and the equipment available to the market. The team saw that there was a gap in what was being offered and what frozen yogurt stores truly needed. 
In 2008, Donper America began manufacturing the BH7480, their initial line of free standing soft serve machines. These machines were designed especially for multi-unit, self-serve applications to properly serve the high demand of a weigh-and-pay frozen yogurt shop.
In 2011, Donper America began manufacturing two additional soft serve lines, the BT7280 and the BT7180. These countertop models completed the soft serve machine family.  WIth a steadfast focus on product quality and product support, Donper America’s popularity in the foodservice equipment industry grew exponentially both domestically and internationally. 
By 2012, Donper America successfully set up the largest service network in the industry to service and support customers. The Donper America team set out to achieve this milestone to prove to the foodservice industry that support was of the utmost importance.
Today, Donper America continues to see amazing growth as it focuses on its customer base and equipment offerings. In less than ten years, Donper America has permanently branded its presence on the foodservice equipment industry, forever changing the soft serve and frozen yogurt business by setting the pace that other manufacturer’s follow. 
As a Donper America customer you can be sure that you are at the forefront of service, technology and innovation.